When it comes to upgrading our old bed investment for something more spacious and new, there are benefits and disadvantages to doing it. Single beds are great for individual sleepers making them a perfect addition to smaller scale bedrooms. Whereas a queen size bed is perfect for a sleeper who needs that bit of extra space at night and there’s even just enough room for two. Although to help you weigh out the pros and cons, here are six reasons whether or not to upgrade that single bed of yours into a queen size to help you make your decision.
  1. Loss space in your bedroom: Understandably when you consider upgrading your bed from a smaller standard size such as a single to a queen size it’s going to consume more space. This may leave you with less room within the bedroom to place new furnishings, space to move freely and in some cases this can make a room appear smaller and cluttered.
  2. Gained space in bed:  A positive reason for upgrading to a queen size from a single is the extra space you acquire in bed. With a larger bed space you may well in fact experience a much more refreshing restorative night’s sleep especially for sleepers who like to spread out.
  3. Increased cost:  With any upgrade in bed size you will need to add more funding to your bed budget. From the bed frame, mattress and even bedding there will be additional costs to invest in a queen size bed than it would a single bed. This is simply due to the design, tailoring, materials and time taken to make a larger bed piece so this is something to bear in mind.
  4. Extra under bed storage space: If you find you’re in need of that little bit extra storage space then having a queen size bed maybe ideal for you. Due to its size you can make full use of all that under bed space to place storage baskets with miscellaneous items you wish to store away from shoes to bedding and more.
  5. Less fear of falling out of bed:  Falling out of bed isn’t just something that children are prone to doing. Teens and even adults can still sometimes experience this if during the night they’re quite restless sleepers. So be reassured that with a larger space to sleep in, you’ll be less likely to fall out during the night.
  6. Thinking long term: Of course you really need to think whether you would benefit from investing in a bigger bed in the long term. Whether you move house or start to build a life with someone special buying that bigger bed maybe ideal.  Although Single beds are easier to move around and transport into a new home or apartment than a queen size. A queen maybe a more sensible long term investment to dress your new bedroom at home.