Simplicity is the key 4: simplicity is the key to saying 'I made it!'

The basic skills of a 21st century woman are quite different to what they were half a century ago. Today, our skills are helping us to climb the career ladder and not to maintain a happy home. Our grandmothers all had the skills of sewing, knitting and using there own pair of hands to create all number of things in the home. These days, whatever our excuses may be - we would prefer just to buy ready made curtains, bedding and cheap cushion covers. However, without knowing how easy it is to make your own additions to the home - you might never get the reward of calling it your own piece of work.

We are here to help and to prepare first-timers for creating their own curtains so that next time you get a compliment for your window treatments, you can be proud and say 'I made it!' - not to mention the pennies you will save! First, you will need to make some assessments of the room and the window that you wish to dress. Although most of you will have some idea of your personal likes and dislikes already, buying the fabric should come a little later to avoid making mistakes.

Once you have chosen a room, think about the atmosphere you would like to have and take into account the function of the room. In the sense of atmosphere, bedrooms will be better with relaxed window treatments that induce rest and sleep. A dining room should be entertaining and lend a hand to good conversation which means you can be more dramatic with your choice of window dressing. Functionally, some rooms will need a good control over natural light and ready made blackout curtains may be better.

Next you need to visualise how curtains are going to look in the window. If it is a large window then you shouldn't run into any problems but smaller windows will need clever designs and choice of fabric if you want to open up the room. Now you are prepared to move onto the next part of actually making your curtains - but before you do, browse curtain material online to see the biggest range of fabrics, colours and patterns to inspire you and find your perfect window solutions.

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