Simplicity is the key 3: simplicity is the key to creating rooms full of romance

We all know that bedrooms are for sleeping in but they also serve a purpose of being our private space and what goes on behind the bedroom door is our secret. We are not the ones to pry - but we understand that bedrooms need to be full of romance from time to time! If your bedroom is totally uninspiring, you have come to the right place to discover some simple tricks and decorating advice for filling your rooms up with romance.

This doesn't mean hunting down every flower or heart print fabric to dress up your room - sometimes less is more and simplicity is the key! Even changing one element to the room can make a big change in the mood and atmosphere without being overpowering or too dramatic. The main focus of the romantic bedroom is the bed itself, but we are going to work up to it and save the best 'til last! We will begin with lighting which can help to set the right atmosphere.

The last thing you want is really bright lights so consider toning everything down by installing a dimmer near to the bed. Spotlights are a good choice and can be twisted and turned to either put emphasis on the bed or away from it for a more subtle glow. Bedside lamps with a heavier or darker fabric on the lampshade will also create a softer glow. You could use candles too - but just make sure that they are not near to the bedding and curtain sets or other fabrics (your safety always comes first!) Furthermore, you can really play around with the lighting by purchasing tinted bulbs in pink or red that can be switched when you want to change to a more casual room.

When choosing colours and fabrics for your focal point, in this case the bed, have a think about the mood that you want to create. Light pinks and white are more feminine and flirty, reds ooze amour and black and white bedding is sophisticated and sultry. With a black duvet cover, try to find those that have a sheer or satin finish - better still if you can find a set with some simple embroidery detail in red you'll create a truly romantic look. Just remember to keep everything fluffed up and tidy so that it looks more welcoming. Finally, slip some scented sachets inside the pillow cases to enhance the mood!

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