Simplicity is the key 2: simplicity is the key to using summer florals

The weather might not have convinced us yet, but it is officially summer! The summer makes us optimistic and more open to change and creativeness. We feel more relaxed and in turn we see everything in a new light. The same goes for our interiors - our mood tells us that it is time to un-clutter and make way for new and inspiring decorating.

We don't want to spend all our time indoors decorating though - so some quick and easy updates to bring in the cheer of summer is all we need. The remedy? Summer florals for your living space. Adding florals to your décor can be as easy as a sheet of wallpaper and yet the result does wonders for our moods. Take a look at some of our ideas for bringing the joy of summer indoors.

  • You might be nervous about using florals if it is your first time, but if you are clever you can add it in without making it irreversible. For example, a new floor rug with a large floral pattern can always be moved if you get fed up with it in the living space. Keep things simple by choosing a pattern with just two or three colours maximum.
  • Some floral patterns are more modern than others. If you want to be in trend, look for larger prints that have a slightly playful look about them. A feature wall with a black and white floral pattern will be easy to create but very effective in updating your tired winter room.
  • Large prints in lots of bright colours would be hard to live with - go with a neutral palette throughout the room and one pastel colour such as green or lavender.
  • Cushions and throws are a great alternative to those who don't want to go big on florals. Keep it interesting though by choosing either the same colour choices with different prints or the same print in two or three different colours. Playing around with texture can also be a gentle approach to change.
  • Windows with great views can be enhanced with ready made eyelet curtains in a floral pattern. They will fall with clean lines for a contemporary look. If you have a great garden view out of the window, see if you can't match your curtains to it with muted greens and a touch of pastel colour.
  • You can even bring in floral prints with cheap cushion covers for your sofa and chairs. This is an easy way to update a room and once you have moved on from the floral trend, you can simply remove them and keep them for a rainy day!

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