Beds don't have to be overly fussy or flamboyant to look stunning – sometimes less is more, and that's certainly the case with many of these simple, yet stunning beds. One thing they do have in common is the room they're in is clutter free and you'll also notice the beds themselves are always dressed beautifully. So, if you want a simple, yet stunning bed you'll have to be prepared to make your bed properly everyday and clear the decks of clutter – that's all it takes for you to be able to to walk into your bedroom and go 'wow' day after day.  


Chunky wooden posts are used to create a faux four-poster style bed. Add a hide as a headboard and a quirky lampshade and you have a simple, yet stunning bed.  

Home Trend Design

A cross between a four-poster and a swing bed, this stunning bed is simple in its design and would look gorgeous in any master bedroom, you could also use it as an outside summer bed.  

 Home Design

This enormous bed has a ingenious iron-work framework to hang lightweight voiles – the juxtaposition between the two create this beautiful canopy bed.  


Bold reflective posts are used to create a contemporary four-poster style bed that would sit very comfortably in a home or an up-market hotel.  

Haiku Designs

This bed oozes style and sophistication and yet its design is surprisingly simple.  

Get Laid Beds

A modern interpretation of a four-poster bed. This time the voile is draped purely for aesthetic purposes than than the practicality of providing a fully screen bed.  


The clean lines of this black bed frame is enhanced by the over-sized headboard in contrasting white.  

Sitting Duck Sofas

Having a headboard in the same fabric as the frame gives this bed a stunning look that would work well in a wide variety of decorating motifs.  


A simple square box is given a luxury look with softly draped white voiles which are enhanced by the boldness of the bed frame and oversized dark headboard.  

Trend Decoration

White padded, buttoned oversized headboard that's identical to the cover gives this bed a simply stunning overall appearance.  


The neutral colour palette of this bedroom is given a stunning look by using framed pictures hanging just above the height of a headboard – this effect is heightened simply because the bed doesn't actually have a headboard.  

Distro Architecture

You too can have a simply stunning bed by dressing it with crisp white bedding and a lighting system which highlights and reflects the whiteness of the bed.    

Bilvil Architecture

This large light and airy bedroom is highlighted by this immaculately dressed bed in shades of deep purple and black.