Simple decorating ideas 7: bedroom home improvement tips

Upgrading a room does not have to be a huge undertaking, in fact many times all you need to do is accentuate the features of the room you already love. For example, if you simply love your bay window seat, a fresh coat of paint and some new ready made curtains can make the entire room pop! Here are some home improvement tips for creating the bedroom of your dreams.

Wall Decoration

There are all kinds of ways you can decorate your walls, you can use framed art, family pictures or wall sconces to dress up your walls. However, if you are looking for a simple way to create a new look for your bedroom wall stickers could be the answer. Stickers may bring to mind childish colour graphics or huge football personalities but there are so many more options on the market today.

Sophisticated butterflies, delicate birds and petals and seashells or seahorses for the bathroom are just a few of the many wall decals you can choose from. Of course, there is also the typical cartoonish option for the children's rooms, but rest assured there are plenty of options for any taste.


Have you left your mark on the bedroom? Using personal knick-knacks is a good way to imprint your personality on the bedroom. Using meaningful pieces from your life can construct a story in your own personal sanctuary. What is your passion? Do you love reading, horses or sailing? You can create your very own theme within the room choosing pieces related to what you love. Window Dressing: One often overlooked area for decorating is the windows.

Most people are simply looking for a colour coordinated way to cover them, blocking out prying eyes and sunlight. However, today there are a myriad of options including Roman blinds, café style shutters and even ready made blackout curtains to choose from. Each of the many different window treatments on the market today can be found in many different colours, fabrics and even woods. Once you have determined what your bedroom is going to be, quiet oasis, luxurious parlour or something entirely of your own creation you can choose window coverings that fit in with your style. Cheap bedding sets can be used to brighten a bedroom, along with plain or patterned rugs.


Decorating a room is more about taking away than adding to, if you find you are dealing with a cluttered room your first job will be to clear the clutter and start with a clean slate. Besides getting a brand new look at your room, you may discover a unique architectural feature that you can highlight.

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