Simple decorating ideas 6: decoration tips for small areas

A small area can present unique challenges when it comes to decorating. You will be limited in many respects, particularly when it comes to framed art and other decorative pieces. However, there are a few things you can do to open up a small area and give it a larger than life feeling. All you need are a few basic tips to expand every available inch.

Lose the Clutter!

The very first thing you must do is clear out the clutter. Large rooms are very forgiving of what-knots, throw pillows and decorations. Small rooms, not so much. When you are ready to open the area up you first should clear everything out! End tables, furniture, framed pictures and basically, anything that is taking up space will need to be removed.

As you begin to refurnish the room make sure you keep the walk way into the room clear. Any piece that blocks the entry way, even in the middle of the room, will block natural view and make the area appear cramped. Another little known tip for furnishing a small room is to use a couple larger pieces as opposed to several small ones; once again, this will reduce the cluttered look.


You may love jewel tones, but when you have a tiny room to work with deep red walls are not the best choice. Dark colours tend to make an area feel cosy and warm, but it also diminishes the area closing it in, hence the cosy appearance. Stick with cool light colours for your small areas. Soft tones of blue and green will give the area an open and airy feeling. If you really want to optimise the space illusion, paint the ceilings as well in the same light colours; help ground the colour with cream rugs.

Wall Hangings

One simple trick for creating a space illusion is the use of mirrored wall hangings. Not everyone likes the idea of a mirrored wall, but they definitely will give your room a more open larger feel. You can also use large bevelled mirrors on stands or a large framed mirror hanging on one wall to get the same effect as the mirrored wall.


You want to let the light into the room. Take down the dark heavy curtains to be replaced by simple light ready made blinds, or wispy see through tab top voile curtains. The more light you can let into the room the bigger the room will feel. For some areas, natural light will be impossible due to lack of windows or other constraints. Have no fear you can still brighten the room with the right selection of artificial lighting!

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