Simple decorating ideas 5: green is trendy and economic

Going green has been the catch phrase of a generation; it embodies a better way of doing things. Protecting the planet from greenhouse gases, overrun landfills and economising fuel usage are all prominent in peoples mind today and this is beginning to translate into decorating ideas as well. In fact, the entire state of the economy has made an impression on how people choose to decorate. Recycling: Refinishing furniture pieces gives people comfort on many levels.

Instead of purchasing, a brand new set of coffee tables people can save money by shopping local auctions and then refinishing the pieces themselves. While monetary savings may be the main motivator, using organic materials may also play a role in the decision. Instead of a home filled with harmful chemicals home owners can choose low VOC paints and stains. When the economy gets tough people tend to look back at better times with longing. This is another fulfilling purpose of using recycled pieces.

A coffee table, sofa table or wooden dinette can be a gentle reminder of a time when things were much better, not only in the world but in their personal lives. Colours: As 2011, dawns there will be shifts in popular decorating colours as well. These colour trends will also spring from the difficulties of the past couple of years and how people have responded to the crisis. For example, Benjamin Moore suggests that farm colours are going to be back in vogue. A return to simpler times, in bright carrot orange, beautiful greens and perhaps even the bold colour of aubergines!

Visit your local farmers market as spring is sprung if you want a sneak preview into the preferred colour palette this year and use them as accents in ready made curtains, cushions and throws or aubergine purple rugs. Wood: In keeping with this theme, you may find the standard oak pieces are going to be back in style. This will include furniture pieces as well as window treatments like shutters and wooden Venetian blinds. There are many different types of window blinds to choose from that will fit into the colours and wood demands of current decorating trends. Tier on tier café styles may be particularly popular as they again harken back to a simpler time.


There will also be decorating themes around the idea of simplicity, escape and community. Simple monochrome colour schemes will likely continue as people try to find order in their daily lives, while pearls and satins which bring to mind flights of fancy will become popular for escape. A bit of community will likely filter into the mix as well with tribal colours and designs becoming more popular. If you will look back through decorating history you will find an economic impact on each era, and 2011 will be no different.

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