Simple decorating ideas 4: fun and fresh window treatments

It is easy to neglect the windows when it comes to designing or decorating your home. One reason they may be getting left behind is due to the sheer cost of replacing all the window coverings in the home at one time. A single curtain or blind may not seem very expensive, however when you multiply the cost by double digits you can easily reach several hundred pounds for window treatments. Here are a few new upcoming trends in window treatments that you might want to consider.

Wooden and Organic: More and more people are looking for organic or natural materials for their window treatments. This means wooden blinds of all compositions are very popular. One of the most popular is the bamboo, not only is it beautiful it is a very environmentally conscious choice. Bamboo grows quickly up to four feet per day, it is grows without pesticides and regenerates on its own.

Bright Prints: Patterns have become more and more popular over the past few years. Where bold stripes and colours were popular in 2007, big bold floral prints are definitely in today. What better way to invite spring in than through shades decorated with beautiful red, purple and blue petals with bright green stems and leaves?

Luxury: Many people are turning to simpler décor and window treatments however there are still those who prefer a little luxury in their day. Silk is definitely more expensive than any other curtain material, however the shine and luxury that it brings to an otherwise dull room is often worth the investment. You can find silk curtain fabric in a variety of colours, as well as embroidered pieces.

Technology Meets Décor: Today people have remote controls for everything, televisions, stereos, satellite, cable boxes and even your car can be started with the push of a button! Window coverings can also be mechanised, and in the past this has meant convenience at the cost style. You can still use the technology but use layered fabrics with high thread counts to make things more cosy.

Conclusion: Regardless of your personal taste, there is a window treatment that will fit into your décor. Drapes, ready made curtains, ready made blinds and shutters are all viable options for dressing up your windows and you can find any of these in a variety of colours and styles. Go wild this spring time and create a truly personalised look in your home.

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