Simple decorating ideas 2: making windows appear larger

Do you find the idea of decorating your home to be overwhelming? Many people look around their home and wish they could bring it all together in that 'magazine' like look, only to find clutter and chaos instead. Here are some simple decorating ideas that can help you bring order out of chaos and give you the designed and decorated home you have always longed for.


A very often overlooked aspect of design is lighting. Most if not all the rooms in your house would benefit from layered lighting. This means you have several sources of illumination in the same room so that you always have ambiance at your fingertips. Overhead lights are generally bright and used for tasks, games and cleaning. Lamp lighting or a dimmer switch on your regular lights give you the opportunity to turn down the lights and create a softer, relaxing atmosphere. Coffee table lamps UK, floor lamps, candles and canister lights are all good options for layering your lighting.


Many people avoid painting because they have had a very bad experience in the past. Why is it that paint that looks fabulous in the store looks like something you would scrape off your shoe when you get it on the walls? The problem is in the lighting, at least partially. In the paint store the lighting is florescent while your home lighting is more than likely incandescent. Take home a variety of paint testers or colour chart and tape them to the walls in different locations. Look at the paint in every light possible, natural light of day and home lighting in the evening until you see which is best.

Make a Window Larger

Do you wish you had huge windows in your home but do not want to go out the expense of reconstruction? You can give the illusion of grand windows throughout your home with just a couple of tricks. All you have to do is hang your curtain panels higher and wider than your window actually is to give the impression that you have a huge picture window hidden away! For a discreet look use Swish curtain track, particularly if you have light coloured curtains. If you have patio doors in your dining room span across the doors and the window to create a whole curtain wall, if you stick to soft pale colours the illusion really does trick the eye into believing that the entire wall id made of glass!

Rearrange Everything

If you are really on a budget and do not want to undertake a major renovation you could make drastic changes in your home by rearranging the furniture, knick-knacks, hanging art and adding cheap rugs. You would be amazed at what a difference this can make in your home. In addition, you could add some new decorative cushions and throws to your old furniture.

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