Simple decorating ideas 1: basic home decorating tips

Creating that perfectly decorated home is a dream many people have every day, however in reality it can take a lot of time to accomplish this goal. Remember, if it is worth doing it is worth doing well, so be patient with yourself as you learn the basics of home decorating.

Here are a few steps you can follow to get you started on the road to the beautifully decorated home you have always dreamed about.

Where to Start

What may surprise you is the fact that there is no right answer to this question. It is important that you choose an area to begin, whether it is the kitchen, patio, bathroom or master bedroom you must have a starting place.

If you try to take the house as a whole it can be totally overwhelming, and quite honestly you will probably never begin.

Learn the Colour Wheel

Some colours look extremely nice together while others are perfectly ghastly when they get too close. You will want to learn all you can about the colour wheel and how to choose colours that coordinate with one another.

The rule of thumb is to either use colours from opposite ends of the wheel, contrasting colours or those that are very close, which are complimentary colours. Choosing something from the middle and beginning of the colour wheel will probably not give you the results you desire.

Experiment with Style

You are going to have your own style - you simply need to figure out what it is. If this is your first time decorating a home, you might want to discuss some options with a professional designer. Even if you cannot afford to hire a professional decorator, they will many times do a one-time consult to help you figure out your style and taste in décor, alternatively look at online blogs for some fabulous interior design ideas that won't cost you a penny!


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