Today's modern women hone their skills to make the workplace, albeit at home or within the world of commerce, a place where every detail counts. They have the ability and judgement to ensure their workplace is efficient, in every sense of the word, combining ingenuity with insight to create a space that includes aspects of past and present into a seamless design that shows just how astute they really are.   History Matters captivating-small-office-decorating-ideas-for-men-decorated-with-white-computer-desk-made-from-wooden-material-in-contemporary-style-and-white-office-chair-design-in-green-wall-color-ideas-977x1024


Embracing modern technology doesn’t mean the astute business woman neglects the past. She surrounds herself with books that reflect her industry's progression.   Sense of Fun home-office-decor-ideas-home-decor

Interior Design Inspirations

Incorporating a sense of fun shows that, while being shrewd, she hasn't lost the fundamental basic human needs when creating an environment conducive to work and productivity.   Adaptability despachos261

Fresh Home

Adapting, by combining two spaces into one without invasion, means that the home-work balance can easily be bridged.   Beanbags BeanBag-3

Small Talk

Having the ability to realise that work doesn't have to be carried out in formal settings to be productive, means that she can focus, without distraction, in informal situations.   Inspirational Posters poster-street-of-043

Poster Street

Using motivational posters indicates that she is human and occasionally needs impetus and drive to keep on-track.   Well Organised Desk office-org-cornerdesk

Style At Home

A well organised desk shows she has a well organised mind and way of thinking.   Go Green going-green-in-it-600x396

Planet N People

Acutely aware of the environment, going green is an area that shows off her office acumen at its best.   Industry Mouse-mat website_design_is_an_eat_or_be_eaten_industry_mousepad-ra57f1c1cbf084df490c1c2eb1cb51710_x74vi_8byvr_324


Being proud of who she works for, little additions of industry related material are shown subtly.   Comfy Visitor's Chair medical_04

Strong Project

Having comfortable seating for waiting visitors highlights her bright thinking skills, after all relaxed and welcomed visitors are typically easier to deal with.   Great Lighting contemporary-home-office-lighting-design1

Just Click Electrical

No workplace can be productive if there isn't adequate light. Choosing the correct type of lighting for an astute business women goes hand-in-hand with their territory, so to speak.

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