Sharp and Stylish Kitchen Utensils for Your Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

After people have researched, designed, installed and decorated their kitchen they often loose the momentum to finish the design off with the smaller details. Furthermore, once blessed with a beautiful new set of cabinets, they often re-clutter their kitchen with old and tired appliances and utensils.

These smaller elements however are a readily available, relatively cheap and easy way to update and refine the design scheme in your kitchen. From hot pink colanders to flower shaped whisks all these objects make a statement about your kitchen and you. Consequently, this article takes you through the range of utensils available and how to make sure they create the ultimate impact in your kitchen.

Cut It Out

The first and most important task to carry out when looking to update your utensil collection is to examine your current set. Keep any working, non-rusty, non-discoloured items which you readily use. Dispose of anything that is very old, duplicated, beyond repair or just ugly! This leaves you with the basis of your utensil collection.

Before purchasing anything new it is then also important to decide on the overall style and colour scheme you want for your kitchen. Consider the current colours, patterns, materials and styles already within the room. Try and work out which items you would like to keep on the surface or displayed as these will ultimately contribute more to your design scheme. Once happy, it’s time to shop…and you don’t need to go far.

Chop and Change

Go to your local supermarket, home ware shop or department store and you will find a huge selection of branded and own brand utensils to choose from. Consider stainless steel, wood, plastic and rubber. Consider designer prices, consider 99p…the choices are endless. As touched upon shop around to find items you are happy with both aesthetically and practically and can also afford: especially those that will be kept out on display.

For a more contemporary property buy a high gloss utensil jar and fill with simplistic stainless steel tools. In a more traditional property opt for a ceramic jar and use a selection of wooden and metal utensils with ceramic or pot handles. If displaying larger items such as plates or pans, in a contemporary home; try and display items in groups of three. Consider vivid mixing bowls, plates or glasses and line them up along shelves or inside display cupboards for a minimalist feel. For a more traditional finish purchase a pan rack and suspend from the ceiling to create a more authentic and rustic atmosphere.

Whatever your choices do remember that it can be as equally effective to buy a few statement pieces as it is to buy an entire designer collection. Furthermore, consider pattern and colour when trying to make statements and enforce a theme in to your room. A plain black or white kitchen can be transformed with a bright fruit bowl, utensil jar and food canisters. Furthermore, by keeping your kitchen relatively neutral and your utensils vivid, it means it is relatively inexpensive and easy to change and update your scheme in the future.

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