Shake-up your colour scheme 7: dark & intensive

Maybe you are considering redecorating a room in your home, rather than go for a traditional look; you want to achieve something different, and something which reflects the personality and character of you. When you think of colour it is most likely that you will associate lighter colours with space and airiness, but if you have a large room that you want to decorate you might like to think of using darker colours. If you use for example dark blue paint in a room it can have the effect of bringing the room together and making a large room seem smaller.

If your home is more of a contemporary one, then using dark blue paint will make a bold statement in any room that you choose to use it. There are many different shades of blue to choose from, select one or two that you like and also you think will suit your room and the furnishings you have in it. A good way to assist you in this can be selecting a colour or colours that are opposite to the blue you have chosen by looking at a colour wheel, this should give you the opportunity to compliment the colour theme you want to use.

As there are different shades of blue like navy and sapphire blue even through to a blue that is almost black, the decision you make should be given due consideration. You might like to get hold of a sample of the blue paint and wholesale fabric you intend to use and then hold this up against any wood trim that you have in your room, also against your furniture. Select which walls you want to paint, if you have a room which is large you can think about painting all four walls with the same colour, but it is well to remember that if your room is on the smaller side, then using a dark blue can make it appear cramped.

You also could consider having one of your walls as a feature wall and then contrast this wall by using a different shade of blue on the other walls, this can have the effect of making your room seem longer and wider, of course this will depend on the walls you choose to paint. As a dark blue is a colour that very much lends itself to a contemporary look, you may want to continue this theme by having hardwood flooring.

To bring in a touch of warmth and at the same time contrast your walls, you could think about putting down some rugs on the floor. White or yellow rugs would really make the room come alive and also add that air of sophistication to the room. You also might like to think of getting a glass table as dark blue and glass complement each other beautifully and can complete the contemporary look.

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