Shake-up your colour scheme 6: a lighter shade of pale

How many times have you walked into a room be it a room in one of your friends house or either that of a hotel, and you have thought yourself that the colour scheme is totally wrong, and actually makes you feel uncomfortable? If you're considering decorating a room in your home you will need to pay attention to the colours that you use on the walls of the room. Not many people know that different colours can have an effect on a person's mood.

For example, a light blue or a light green can have a very calming effect, whilst the use of red can create a very welcoming and warm feeling and this is often a colour that is used in living rooms and lounges. If you think about it for a moment and you consider a room which has a fireplace, it will naturally have a warm red glow about it, especially if it is a log fire that is burning when you are in the room.

With this in mind you will be able to create an atmosphere to any room you are considering decorating in your house that will have ambience that not only reflects your personality and character, but at the same time brings about exactly what the function of the room is. If you consider this for a moment, you would not want the same colour scheme in your bedroom that you have in your kitchen or bathroom for that matter. Therefore it is very prudent to give any room you are thinking of decorating a great deal of thought.

In most instances if you use lighter colours when decorating any room you will find that this would tend to open up the room and make it seem larger than it actually is, conversely if you go about decorating room with darker colours, whilst they bring a lot of warmth to the room, darker colours can actually make a room seem smaller. With this in mind you also might think about the furnishings that you have in your room, as they will also contribute to the overall feeling that you are trying to create and convey in the room you are decorating.

You will probably appreciate that one of the most important rooms in the house is your living room, as it is a room where you and your family spend most of your time. So whilst not only getting the decoration correct, you will have to blend in your furniture. As perhaps your settee and armchairs are the most dominating items in your living room, you will want to purchase wholesale fabric. If you buy wholesale fabric you'll find that it is a cost efficient way of recovering your existing furniture and will save you the time and effort of looking for a new lounge suite! Add coordinating cheap cushion covers and cheap rugs to bring the room together.

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