Shabby Chic Interior Design Project Ideas

If you love Shabby Chic then there's little doubt that you spend hours trying to find the perfect furniture pieces for you home. The great advantage with Shabby Chic is the ability to turn on man's trash into your own bespoke treasure. Rustic storage trunk turned into a drinks cabinet

Source: Olive & Gray

Feeling the urge to get a project under way comb through interior design blogs and you'll find some absolutely gorgeous ideas. Inspired by Olive & Gray my quest is seek out a shabby trunk and use it as a dressing table. The rustic cabinet shown in Olive & Gray is being used for drinks...and why not? You'll also see that the shabby trunk is flanked either side by modern transparent chairs; showing us just how fabulous and versatile this interior design style is. The trick when looking for old trunks is to opt for those with a flat surface – many are domed and make it difficult to have anything displayed on the top. You don't have to solely look for trunks, old styled furniture can be painted and then deliberately given a shabby appearance by taking the top layer of paint off at natural wear points, such as the edges and around the handles. Cream living space with cream arm chair and a mirror in a rustic white and gold frame

Source: Olive & Gray

Curved rustic green set of drawers with a mirror on the top

Source: Apartments I like

Paint old chairs in duck-egg or pale sage green and add comfort by making seat pads and cushions from plain or patterned curtain fabrics; and of course the chair doesn't have to match the dressing table – if fact they whole perception is to allow different styles and design to sit in harmony next to one another. Grey rustic writing desk and matching chair

Source: I Heart Shabby Chic

Love the look and don't have time to undertake the project yourself? - no worries you can always find bespoke items that are ready-to-go. It may be defeating the whole 'finding a project' ethos but when needs must! Country kitchen styled dining table

Source: Apartments I like

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