Setting The Mood with Christmas Lights

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

The lights in your local town are on, late night shopping has begun and the morning air tastes just that little bit fresher, summer may be barely over yet somehow Christmas is almost upon us once again. Every year it seems to creep up on us so fast. But it doesn’t feel like Christmas! It can’t be, already! If like me, you have already heard phrases such as those being said- perhaps you’ve caught yourself saying it- then read on because we are going let you in on the secret to a successful Christmas- just think of us as Santa’s little helpers! You’ve put your decorations up right?

The tree is fully tinselled, garlands are swinging from the rafters and on the Hi-Fi, Bing is still dreaming of a white Christmas, but something is missing. The mood just doesn’t feel complete; your living room just looks like your living room, with a few sprinkles on top. What you are in need of is a lighting scheme. Nothing creates mood and atmosphere like lighting; it applies all year round and in any scheme and Christmas is no different.

Proper use of light is the only way to bring the colours of Christmas bursting into your front room in all their Technicolor glory, without packing up and moving the family to Lapland. Not only that, but Christmas lighting, properly used will allow you to clearly define your theme and if it is a classy Christmas and a tasteful New Year you are looking for, help you tie in your scheme whilst enhancing the impact of your existing décor.

The first thing to decide on is a colour scheme. Lighting in gold, green or red will lend and really traditional feel to proceedings. Cool colours like blue, white or purple will help create a more grown up, winter garden theme. Whichever you choose, t is best sticking to just two colours to avoid a messy, thrown together look. It is also wise to coordinate your lighting with your decorations. If you are choosing red decoration with tartan fabrics then compliment the colours with white or gold lighting.

Similarly, if you have white decorations, some blue or purple lights would really work well for a vivid ambience. The colour of your decorations should be directly influenced by your room’s existing décor and colour scheme, however rather than creating contrast, here you should try to blend Christmas decoration and year round decoration so that they fit together seamlessly. When looking for places to hanging lighting, look for obvious edges around the room such as doorways, chimney breasts and skirting boards and obvious features such as mirrors (which really help improve the intensity of lighting).

This will prevent your lighting from looking random and uneven whilst showing off your room’s best features. To get the best out of your tree, wind your lighting around it in a manner that uses all depths of the tree. This will give it a really full, thick look. Also, remember to apply the layer of lighting before you add tinsel. This way you can hide the wiring.

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