Setting a magical festive scene

Every household has its own traditions and rituals leading up to Christmas Day. Some are those experienced ourselves as children, while others take on-board the newer ways to bring the magic of Christmas to their homes. Whichever way you do it, just be sure to capture the spirit of the season and have fun!

Letter to Santa

Sending Santa a letter has been practised by children for more than 150 years. This tradition is still kept by thousands of children, today they have the option of hand writing their own or using a pre-made version. Young child writing a letter to Santa

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The Tree

As soon as the tree goes up Christmas time begins in many households. Choosing a tree is part of the run-up to the festive season. If you have a real tree going to pick your own, digging it up, if you're allowed to, and hauling it back home is all part of the fun! Once indoors and placed sturdily on the floor, the decorating starts. This ritual, for many people, shows that they are ready to let the festivities begin in earnest. Father and two children carrying a Christmas tree in the snow

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Wearing Festive Jumpers

This is a relatively new way to set a magical scene at home or at work. Festive jumpers, often accompanied with a hat, have become a tradition that you either love or hate! Collage of different Christmas jumpers


Fairy Lights

Twinkling fairy lights indoors and out brighten the house on dark, cold nights, maybe that’s why some people go completely overboard with them! Modern house covered in Christmas lights

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Reindeer Food

If you have children you have to include reindeer food as part of your scene setting. in the weeks or days before Christmas Eve leave food in the garden, just so your house doesn't get missed out! Reindeer sniffing at the snow

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Hanging Stockings

Stocking hanging is still a major part of a magical Christmas, although nowadays the stocking is purely for decorative purposes, the children use pillow cases to hang at the end of their bed. Festive mantel piece with stockings and Christmas garland

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Making Mince Pies

Many families still hold the tradition of making mince pies. The smell will fill your home with beautiful spiced fragrance that evokes the feeling of homely comforts and the festive season.

Dusting of Fake Snow

Putting fake snow or talc around the fireplace on Christmas Eve after the children have gone to bed is a magical way to let them know that Santa has been! Santas footsteps in front of the fire place

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Watching Christmas Movies

After all the decorating and food making today’s modern families spend time together watching Christmas movies, from classics to the latest Disney. Collage of different Christmas movies

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