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Seriously stylish festive charm: mater bedrooms

The master bedroom should be a private place where dreams are shared, the world is totally shut out, and a heavenly feeling is formed. The Christmas season is the right time to get creative with everything you love about the season, with passion and happiness.

Take on a Selfish Attitude: You are the king or queen of your bedroom and style should match your own uniqueness. If you have always wanted silk, do it in silk, or velvet or even leather. This is the place where no one can order or judge you on what you enjoy. Remember, however, that balance and proportion makes a space. Make sure your items are not too large or small for the space contained. If your home is contemporary, almost any form of material can be used to please the eye. Start with your favourite colours and decide on the different schemes that work together.

Fall in Love with your Room: Not everyone gets their bedroom right the first time. Duvet sets that seemed irresistible at the time may look entirely wrong for the feeling you wish to achieve this Christmas. If you are like most people, you will probably begin conservatively and gain a little more bravery, over time. This is okay, because what you end up with will blow you away. Strive for that stomach filled with butterflies feeling, each time you enter your room. A black antique bed with bright blue velvet duvet cover sets can work. Black is a neutral colour, and so is white. Spread around a little white and silver and your spread will blend in great.

When Sparkles make you Smile: The holiday season is easy to show off your happy mood when sparkly things bring out the child in you. Go for it, and buy those silver curtains that cover gloomy days and nights. Hang clear twinkling lights along the sides so the twinkle never leaves. If you enjoy flowers, visit a nursery that offers painted poinsettias. Some are two-toned, others bright blue, violet or yellow, while others have sparkles throughout.

Throw a Christmas garland over a chair, or the foot of your bed and giggle yourself to sleep. The old saying, 'dance like no one is watching' can come true with a room filled with passionate things. Decide that the holiday season is just the right time to bring back your childhood joy that you thought had disappeared forever. The experience will be heavenly and one that lasts into the new year.

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