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Seriously stylish festive charm: living rooms

Deciding on a bold new colour for the living room, can also give you fresh ideas for having a Christmas, filled with sophisticated beauty. Burgundy, fuchsia, yellow, and teal, are some of the colours that are making their way into tired spaces, introducing festive charm. Use your new colours to make your holiday a season to remember by playing on these vivid colours.

Red and Green Begone

The traditional Christmas colours of red and bright green have been around for much too long. The time has come to use today's new and improved shades and forget about trying to incorporate design around yesterday's selections. Not only will you see an amazing transformation in your living room, but you will feel revived with the richness of colours you love.

Ideas for your New Holiday Look

Bold colours allow you to use form and balance in achieving a sophisticated look. Teal and brown may be the new colours in your living room, and creating a seasonal glow can seem all but impossible. However, the possibilities are endless. White, silver, light shades of blue and/or green can give the room a complete changeover, while keeping your primary colours intact. Begin with looking at cheap rugs that can give you a jump start of your creativity. A solid, light base colour is best, such as white, powder blue or silver. Use white curtains that can be accessorised with trimmings. These two areas will tie in all corners of the room with an array of blends.

Balanced Sophistication

Sophistication with charm is all about colour and balance. Grouping like colours together for display, add an aesthetic appeal to the space. For instance, use the white curtains as a blank canvas and begin by draping greenery, speckled with brown twigs and silver notions, across the top and down one side. Decorate the tree in bright blue, baby blue and silver. Green can also work as long as you stay within the green colour scheme. If you do not have a fireplace mantle to use as a main attractive, purchase a cheap dresser and spray paint it silver, light blue or lime green.

Look up ideas for sophisticated decorating and start mixing your primary colours. Small round bulbs, in three different tones of blue, stacked in a unique clear vase, or votive candles grouped beside a pillar candle, all at different heights, are just a couple of ideas that can bring a distinct sophistication to your living room this Christmas season. Create your own groupings and be proud and pleased of your own holiday achievement.

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