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Seriously stylish festive charm: guest rooms

Welcome those tired travellers into your home by turning that dull, uninviting spare bedroom into a haven of warmth and cheer. By changing a few basics, transformation can be simple, and you will even find yourself wanting to lie down with a good book.

Neutrals that Give Variety: Colours that mirror your personal taste should be forgotten, when it comes to a guest bedroom. Being able to bring a sense of comfort to a child, an elderly couple or a young man, can be impossible when you have brown checks or light pastels. Neutrals hold the largest selection for any type of visitor that you may invite for an overnight stay. White, antique white, smoke or linen will give you a background for keeping your room ready for anyone.

Bedroom Curtains for Blissful Sleep: By the time guests gets to your home, they are hyped up about seeing everyone, and are dead tired. Bedroom curtains that are lined, or used in conjunction with blinds, will give your weary travellers a peaceful atmosphere, where they can easily fall asleep. If the bedroom window faces a street light or other intruding light, black out blinds might be a good investment. It can be difficult enough to sleep in a foreign place without trying to avoid piercing lights.

A Bed that Has it All: A set of neutral sheets and a fluffy duvet will feel like heaven to guests, without much fuss or cost. Duvet sets come in an array of colours and prints, but keep it mild in plain, light colours. Strips of light linen or smoke can give it a touch of character, but stay away from bright and busy. Match up your duvet cover sets to the window treatment and start to work on a little bit of holiday cheer.

Elegant, Traditional or Country: Depending on your guests, a simple bedside vase with a few long stemmed white roses, or twigs, mixed with a base of earthen coloured rocks, is all that is needed to add a touch of warmth to a strange room. Feel free to even hang a few silver bulbs or tiny wooden sleighs from a sturdy twig. Keep a few blankets on hand to lay at the foot of the bed that celebrate the season. Perhaps a grey chenille throw with large snowflakes or an old Afghan or patchwork quilt for a country feel. The celebration will be taking place in other sections of the house. For your guests, restful bliss will be an important part of their visit.

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