This design style is one of the very latest trends within interior designs. Originating from old industrial buildings which have been renovated to become living spaces for young people. The main focus of this style is geared towards what used to be known as bachelor pads. Very masculine, with a combination of furniture, particularly mid-brown leather with a worn and used appearance, and the latest design trends in wall art and furnishings.

The colour scheme is typically brown and beige with injections of steel or graphite within the accessories. There are no carpets, floors are painted concrete with perhaps an faux animal skin rug with a low metal coffee table, on which there is just one steel or metal ornament, is placed in front of the sofa. One chair which doesn't necessarily match the sofa in style, but does coordinate in terms of the same colour and the same worn leather appearance. Both the sofa and the chair may look old but in reality they are usually new with a deliberate distressed and worn look.

There are no curtains used to dress the windows, instead faux leather Venetian blinds in black or chocolate brown or the latest remote controlled roller blinds are used, especially if the apartment has large tall windows. The blinds are seen at pulled up at different levels on these large windows, which are altered to reduce harsh glare as the sun moves across the sky.

This style in no way reflects the stereotypical images of bachelor pads where the rooms are untidy and unclean! 'Industrial' oozes refinement and good taste, which is kept both clean and tidy and reflects men who want the best from life! The latest gadgets are used within the kitchen, anything which makes life easy is acceptable from the latest chrome toasters to a beer fridge!

In the bedroom the old, yet new, look abounds with deep colours such as brown, graphite and black seen both in the style of bed and its headboard to the duvet sets. Again no curtains, metal Venetian blinds are used or remote controlled roller style blinds. The wardrobes and chest of drawers are typically metal, with a similar look to a filing cabinet!

No fuss and no nonsense are the key aspects of Industrial living spaces, they are places which are functional with all the latest technological gadgets and gizmos, places where a large duke-box would look fabulous!

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