Secrets of creating successful interiors – shabby chic

Shabby chic is one of the latest interior design trends which lends itself beautifully to achieving stunning interiors on a budget. This style is ideal for those just starting up home for the first time. With high mortgage repayments and ever rising utility bills having a shabby chic interior is a brilliant way to add individualism and a touch of old world charm of by gone eras.

Furniture can basically be any style you like as this shabby chic lends itself beautifully to using throws to cover worn or outdated patterns and colours of arm chairs and sofas. Pile high with an assortment of cushions in different colours and patterns of fabrics to add a touch of charm without having to spend a fortune!

Dress windows with inexpensive wooden blinds in pine colours which will look stunning if you have stripped the paint off the window frame.


Wooden blinds are a very cost effective way to dress windows if you are on a tight budget as their natural beauty means they are ideal for using as the sole window dressing. Alternatively you can used a combination of wooden blinds to provide you with privacy along with ready made curtains hung from coordinating wooden curtain poles to create a warm and friendly ambience to your rooms.


Dining rooms will look equally as stunning with the same combination of wooden blinds and curtains as the window dressing which will look delightful when teamed with painted table and chairs. Recover padded dining room chair seats with the same fabric as the curtains to bring the room together. A table runner will also look great with a shabby chic styled dining room. Be careful with the colour combinations and fabrics you chose otherwise you may inadvertently end up with a country cottage style rather than shabby chic!


The great advantage to this interior design style is that you can place new and old right next to each other and they will look stunning. Remember shabby chic is no excuse for a clutter and chaos! This style has its own unique qualities and charm which need to be considered rather than just throwing things into a room and hoping they will look good!


Careful deliberation and thought needs to be put into this in-trend style, choose your colours and soft furnishings which compliment the style and it will all blend together effortlessly and more importantly inexpensively!

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