Secrets of creating successful interiors – contemporary

The secret to creating contemporary interiors within a standard home is to use the very latest materials and furniture styles which offer sleek lines and either completely neutral tones or vivid bright colours which clash on the colour wheel. For today the neutral tones are going to be focused upon from the top down!


Painted white are typically used, those with a satin or sheen finish reflects light down into the room beautifully. Central ceiling pendant lights are not really in-vogue, however most house builders always add them! If you want to keep a central light opt for a lampshade which is angular in design or compliments the sleek lines of the design scheme. Frilly fabric light shades are a definite 'no-no'!


Wallpaper is back in-trend in a big way, particularly when used as an accent on one wall. Alternatively white or ivory are also very trendy with many of the interior designers focusing solely on white.

Wall art should be included, large prints or super enlarged photographs of children or couples also remains a popular wall dressing in contemporary homes. For those who want a unique and unusual look add such items as motorbike parts or an entire bike wall mounted to make a real statement!


Laminate floors or plain concrete painted white are favourable. Fitted carpets are rarely used as rugs are placed strategically as focal points and to bring contemporary designs together naturally.


Contemporary designs either have stylish Venetian blinds which are used as the sole window dressing in a colour which compliments the colour scheme. White or black Venetian blinds are very fashionable as they follow the sleek lines of contemporary interiors perfectly.

Alternatively full length ready made curtains with eyelet headings and metal curtain poles can look equally as stunning. The latest designs have curtains which touch the floor rather than pool onto the floor as this again reflects the sleek lines. Patterned curtains are ideal to break the plainness of large expanses of walls. Opt for vertical styled stripes which will give the illusion of more height to the room.


in keeping with the contemporary style there should be no clutter and not a thing out of place! Objects displayed in threes or fives are essential, fresh flowers which compliment the colour scheme should also be used by separating them into single stems and blooms and either placed in a dead straight vertical line on shelving or horizontally if being placed on a coffee table.

This style of contemporary design is ideal for those who have a restricted budget as the 'less is more' style can be openly adopted!

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