Secrets of creating successful interiors – children's bedrooms

Designing a kid bedroom doesn't have to be difficult or cost a small fortune! With just a little bit of fashion sense you can create a stunning looking bedroom that your toddler will enjoy. It's a good idea to ask the child what they would like their bedroom to look like as it is important for them and you to love it.

With so much choice it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin. If you are designing the room from scratch you may wish to actually design the entire bedroom around the duvet design and colours. Often kids bedding will have designs of children's characters on or sometimes just bright colours and shapes. It's a good idea to also have a second set so that you still have one to use while the other is in the wash!


When choosing your kids bedding is important to select something which is hard wearing and will last a long time. Paying that little bit extra for quality often goes a long way. If you are on a budget it is still possible to find a great looking designs at an affordable price.


When selecting your kids bedding it is also important to realise that children go through many different phases when growing up. They may grow out of a particular children's character or design as they get older. Therefore if your kid's bedding needs to last a few years that it is best not to get something that is too childish.


It's also a good idea not to overdo patterns as they may clash with the room depending on the current décor. It's also important to select the correct size when choosing your bedding. Many kid’s beds are smaller than a standard single and so it is important to buy the correct size that will fit correctly.


When selecting the bedding you need to remember that there are multiple items needed, such as mattress protectors, sheets and a pillow case, unless these are included within duvet sets, along with matching or coordinating ready made curtains. It's also a good idea to get bedding made from natural materials such as cotton or cotton blends to avoid allergic reactions and irritation to your child skin.


Hopefully this has given you a few ideas to think about before purchasing bedding for your kid’s bedroom. By using just basic design principles, such as complimentary colours and not mixing too many stripes with patterns, you can ensure that your kid's bedding looks stunning in your child's room.

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