Secrets of creating successful interiors – bright and modern

The secret to creating bright and modern interiors is remembering that colour clashing is very in-trend! This opens the doors for a whole host of bright and exciting colours to be used purely because you love them. Breaking from the normal rules of selecting colours which compliment each other on the colour wheel, all of the colour which were in the past considered to 'clash' and were the faux pas of both fashion and interior design are now very acceptable.

If you want to use vivid colour combinations such as vivid orange and purple together you can! In fact many contemporary interiors are created using colours which have never been used together in the past.


This style of interior still requires careful and thoughtful planning if it is to be successful. Simply throwing colours together in a haphazard way does not mean you will have a chic and trendy end result!


As with any style of interior you need to consider the colour combinations you wish to use, the only difference is that you do not have to stick to the typically accepted colour schemes! It also invites the possibility to spend less money as you can for example find cheap bedding and use it with low cost window dressings such as black roller blinds and the end result will look striking.


Break the mould and opt for bright and modern colours which suit modern lifestyles and budgets. Use stripes, spots and checks together, steer away from frills and fussy soft furnishings. This look is all about bringing your personality out to make you comfortable within your living space. Therefore if you love bright reds, cerise pink and regal purples team them with black and cream and you can achieve a very stylish look.


Modern interiors do not have fitted carpets, stripped floor boards or laminate flooring is typically seen in modern homes. Window dressing are non-fussy, blinds of any style are a great alternative to curtains and very inexpensive. Opt for faux suede roller blinds or black leather Venetain blinds as a variation of different tactile materials and fabrics are also ideal for modern living styles.


Keep things simple, remember 'less is more', the no clutter 'rule' applies and yet it is acceptable to have magazines on coffee tables and quirky objects on display. Wall art is an important feature and again can be chosen purely because you like it not because it necessarily matches your décor or soft furnishings. Use whatever bright colours you wish as often as you wish and you will have created a bright and lively living space!

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