Secrets of creating successful interiors – atlantic coast

This design style is based on homes which are situated along the Atlantic coast. The main focus is bleached wood, white and cool blues. In many ways it is an updated version of beach homes with chic styling taking the place of the adhoc pieces of furniture. Blue and white striped fabrics are used for both sift furnishings and ready made curtains which are hung from cream or white coloured curtain poles.

Trendy touches such as the use of bleached fishermen's net are used as decorative ways to partition rooms in an easy and relaxed manner. White is the predominant colour for walls and ceilings, whilst pale blues which reflect sky colours rather than oceanic blues or greens are used as the accent colour. Furniture is also easy, relaxed and casual with quirky touches such as director styled chairs used on outside porches.


The theme and style is carried throughout the home. Bedrooms are light, right and airy rooms again using white and crisp pale blues. Linen sheets, striped duvet sets are ideal for this design style. Wicker baskets are used to store clothes in, along with bleached pine or white painted cupboards.


The bedding is also white and pale blue, this design style is soft and relaxing with no loud colours to detract from the ambience. Based on relaxing weekend breaks and lazy summer days spent by the beach. Ironically there is no sand yellow used. Focal points and wall art is in keeping with the theme and reflect the beach and sea.


Floorboards are painted white and to bring balance and cohesion the windows are either dressed with blue striped fabric Roman blinds or have beautiful white voile panels which move gently in the breeze hung from small diameter wooden curtain poles in cream or white.


Atlantic coast designs are homely, mixing a variety of styles of furniture which are painted white or cream with cushions and throws to bring the rooms together. Large starfish, seashells and treasures found on the beach are used as decorative pieces, mirrors have driftwood frames with the look of 'home-made' although they can be bought and more often than are!


Crisp, clean and simple are the key features which provide a chilled out and relaxed living space. Typically depicted with easy stress free living, in-trend magazines are carefully positioned on coffee tables with high tech gadget hidden away!

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