Secrets of creating successful interiors – a touch of the orient

The secret to creating an oriental style in bedrooms is to always include red as this is the colour associated with good fortune and luck, particularly in China.

It is possible to recreate an authentic oriental styled bedroom however, for most people in the UK these simply do not have the same traditional roots as they do people in Japan or China. Although many people would love to have a traditionally styled Japanese bedroom, in Japan the people prefer to live in 'modern' houses which are styled on Western living!


The traditional Japanese homes are based on ideas of balance, harmony, economy and beauty. Nothing is wasted , the beauty comes through in simplicity and its relationship to function.


Bedrooms are simply decorated and have the minimal amount of furnishings. The bed is the main focus and whilst the fabrics are silks and lightweight materials, in the UK people need duvet sets to keep them warm! Storage space is also necessary within Western bedrooms with wardrobes and chests of drawers along with bedside table or cabinets.


To loosely base a style with an oriental theme is an effect way of creating a touch of the orient within your home. Keep the walls plain, using red as the accent colour. The latest low beds without headboards is the ideal choice to give the oriental look. Alternatively black leather headboards and black leather Venetian blinds will also provide you with an oriental style.


Keep the window dressing simple by using blinds rather than curtains. White Venetian blinds are a good choice as they provide privacy when needed along with offering complete control over the amount of light entering the room. Bamboo or wood weave roller blinds are also appropriate when used as the sole window dressing.


Wicker and polished black bedside tables will provide essential storage space keeping in-line with the natural simplicity of the orient. Duvet sets which have an oriental styled flower pattern in deep pink with black stems are a perfect choice, more especially when left to brush the floor rather than being 'tucked in'. Remember simplicity is the key so no fancy boudoir cushions or bed runners are required.


Plain wooden flooring is a must, oriental homes do not have fitted carpets! You could add a bedside rug in red to bring balance and harmony to the room. Decorate the walls with strips of silk used in a banner style or opt for pictures with black wooden frames which also have oriental styled flowers such as orchids to bring the room together.


It is important to remember that economy is also important, therefore there is no need to spend a fortune to achieve your own unique oriental styled bedroom!


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