Rustic Spanish Style for your Home

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

As the pound plummets and the idea of jetting off to distant shores becomes more of an expensive dream than an annual past time it is still possible to bring some sunshine in to your lives. From a simple lick of paint to a complete design make over why not add some fiery Spanish passion in to your home. From colour schemes to accessories this article guides you through some simple and effective ways to create a rustic Spanish haven.

Earthy Walls

The most easy and impacting way to create a rustic finish is to change the colour and texture of your walls. Think earthy and warm reds, oranges, browns and yellows. Think tactile, weathered and exposed plaster work. Choose a wall covered with light and apply a rich warm colour such as terracotta or sienna. Keep the other walls simple and bright by either exposing the brickwork, washing with cream or white paint or stippling shades of sand and cream to create a plastered look. Search the internet and painting manuals to gain inspiration on the finish and exact tones to use and also importantly remember that, although your walls will contribute greatly to your design, the other elements of your scheme will also add colour and texture to the room.

The Rough and the Tough

Once happy with your walls and finishes it is time to think furniture. Two key materials used within Spanish design are wood and cast iron. For an understated and rural finish consider a beautiful and chunky wooden dining suite or bed head. For a more sophisticated finish choose an elegant cast iron window shutter, chair or four poster bed. Consider the smooth lines and texture of the iron in contrast to the rough and tactile finish of the wood and walls and use this to break up and add definition to areas.

Calm Cottons

Alongside the abundance of texture and form keep your bed linen, curtains and other soft furnishings neutral and plain to ensure the finish is fresh and clean. Add soft muslin or voiles to windows that can bellow and blow in the breeze and even consider using it to create a beautiful four poster bed effect. Keep your floor wooden or tiled and lay simple striped or plain rugs throughout to add warmth.

Pretty Pots

To finish your design it is important to find the perfect accessories. Shop around for large ceramic and metal pots and urns and position them next to fire places, basins, shelves and lamps. Hang ornate paintings, beautiful mirrors, metal art work and crafted wall hangings to your walls. Suspend a traditional pan rack from your ceiling and decorate with old pots, dried flowers and lanterns. Find ornate wall sconces and candle holders to add a soft glow during the evening and a coordinating ceiling light for the centre. Whatever your choices make sure things aren’t uniform and look almost organic yet keep your tonal range and use of materials limited with accents or red or orange to create a sense of cohesiveness and calm.

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