Room by room essentials 7 - children's rooms

From all the rooms we have written about this week - children's rooms will bring about the most debate. It is in our nature to provide as much as possible for our children and there is a thin line between 'need' and 'want'; the children don't make it any easier on us either! Who hasn't heard a teen express their need for a state of the art desk or their own television. If kids had their way the room would be completely padded with mountains of cuddly toys!

Of course - there is nothing to prevent them having those things but remember what is priority and necessary for their comfort. As an extra note, you should also refer to our post on bedroom essentials which covers the main needs of a bedroom. The following are more specific to your children's extra needs. Textiles For Babies/Children - Give your baby or child the right textiles for bedding and they will sleep much more soundly. Nurseries and cot beds need special consideration which not only gives maximum comfort but also protection.

A bumper pad is placed in the cot which extends up the sides to stop them banging heads or other body parts. A large floor rug is a good investment for when children play on the floor - choose a design that can carry on into a more adult setting when they start to grow out of their Pampers! Changing Tables - When planning your nursery, make things easier for yourself by having a good changing table that doubles up as storage.

If you are limited on space, you could try a wall mounted changing table that can be opened out for changing times and neatly closed up afterwards. Children's Beds - From babies to young children, tweens to teens - a suitable bed will provide a comfortable environment and better night's rest. A cot will be your initial purchase for babies with single beds coming into play a few years later.

Shared rooms can benefit from bunk beds or give lofty teens more room with a double bed that could later become a guest bed when they move out. If you can accommodate a sofa-bed, it will allow your child to host a sleepover party in style! Window Treatments - Childrens blackout curtains are worth having over unlined window treatments. The blackout lining can make all the difference when you want to encourage kids to sleep in longer in the mornings or to block out light during babies daytime sleeping.

Teens will want this style of ready made curtains - no question about it! Go a little beyond function when choosing fabrics as you will find that attractive colour and patterns will inspire children and keep them sweet!

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