Room by room essentials 6 - home offices

Couldn't possibly forget about those of you who are working or studying in the home - so please have pleasure reading our essentials list on home offices. You need good quality pieces in your home office to provide comfort and you shouldn't sacrifice style in a room less prominent that lounges or kitchens for example. Things like storage will vary, depending on the space you have and how many supplies you intend to store away.

Remember too, that the layout should make your work/study more organised and try to keep essentials near to your desk. Lighting - Having a good light set up is crucial when you must spend hours in front of a computer screen or flick through paperwork/books. Once you are happy with your planned layout, think about the areas that must be well illuminated and which type of lights will do the best job. If you have an armchair by a bookshelf for example - you might like a stylish floor lamp to aid with reading.

Desks or workstations will benefit from a flexible desk lamp that can be twisted, turned and extended at will. Ceiling lights should never be too bright but to give an even light throughout the room. Desks/Work Stations - Another essential for the home office is a desk, work station or both depending on the type and amount of work you are doing. If your work requires a large space to draw designs then a separate work station will be helpful.

Desks come in various sizes from the smallest just built for a laptop to more fuller desks with shelving and storage a part of it form. Desk Chair - Do buy a quality piece - you will pat yourself on the back when you realise how a well-made desk chair can far better prevent aching bodies that a cheap "that will do" stool. It is best to try out your chair before buying and to take measurements of your desk and workstation so that you are at the recommended height for working.

Buying a chair that is purposely built for the office is advisable due to their flexibility; you can change the height, scoot around the room without getting up(!) and swivel without having to overstretch. Bookcases & Storage - Some desks will have all the storage that you need - but other good options include bookcases, shelving to be placed by the desk and filing cabinets when your work involves a lot of paper and organising.

All the smaller organisers are also helpful to keep a successful home business or study area running smoothly. Let these smaller accessories bring some colour into your workspace. Textiles - Floor rugs that compliment your décor are good in the home office to make them more cosy and welcoming; in the same way, cheap Venetian blinds made from wood will bring warmth and comfort.

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