Room by room essentials 4 - bedrooms

Aside from the bed, could you think of other necessities for the bedroom? Take a look at our essential list for bedrooms that will help you get the most out of your personal space and help to get priorities right (we all want a wall hung water fountain and a plasma screen right - all in good time!) This is your personal space so make choices for you and not to impress guests, although your partner should probably have some say in the decorating and colour scheme!


Lights we need in bedrooms, but think about it as a way to set the mood as we rarely need a bright light in the bedroom. If you choose overhead lighting, wall sconces, floor lamps or bedside table lamps uk - do choose those with shades that control the brightness of the light. In fact, dimmers are not a bad idea in the bedroom; for those who trust their safety measures - scented candles will bring romance to a bedroom that needs it! Beware - keep candles and naked flames well away from fabrics – better safe than sorry.

Beds & Mattresses

The most obvious item that we need in a bedroom - the bed. The most cosiest and snugly bed that money can afford. The frame to begin with and then a good quality mattress; it is really worth putting your money into a good mattress that will offer support and maximum comfort. The size will depend on who will be using the bed - although most adults whether single or partnered up will be looking for at least a double bed. Queens and King sized beds are more luxurious and will show their worth in larger bedrooms.


Bedding and curtains are the most important essentials of bedroom textiles. Quilt covers, pillow covers and curtains are your best bet of having a bright colour or mix of colours, patterns or prints in a bedroom décor. Bed linen is still favoured in classic white - make sure you have some spares so this element of the room is continuously crisp and fresh. Cushions and throws are more of a luxury than an accessory - but we think you all deserve to have yours! Let us not forget an attractive floor rugs which will welcome cold feet in the morning.

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