Room by room essentials 1- kitchens

There are few things I love more than being organised in the home and writing lists is an everyday activity for me! I know that some of you just don't have time or the information to write lists - which is why we have come to the rescue. Room by room essentials for every room in the home.

Starting with kitchens, our essentials list will help you to decorate your first kitchen or just as a reminder to help you find what is missing from the picture. Always remember the need for the kitchen to function well at all stations and the need for pieces that help to reflect your style.

Kitchen Cabinets & Worktops - A good looking kitchen starts with the cabinets and worktops, they are the largest element to the kitchen after all. The first choice to make is whether you want fitted units or frees standing that you can take with you should you wish to move on in the future.

Kitchen Islands/Trolleys - The kitchen island is becoming one of the most desirable feature in kitchens - especially those that have the space to take them on! They make the kitchen so much more flexible and can be used for preparing and cooking food, extra storage and to accommodate friends or family as you go about your cooking.

A trolley is another convenience to be used for extra workspace and will appeal to smaller kitchens where surface space is minimal; they can easily be rolled back and forth across the kitchen to areas they are needed most. Efficient Lighting - Integrated lighting such as counter-top spotlights are efficient and bring the light source directly where it is needed.

Aside from counter top spotlights, spotlights are good for the ceiling to as they are easier to maintain and keep clean. Kitchen Sink- Where would you be without your kitchen sink? Even if you choose to wash dishes in a dishwasher - the sink is required for food preparation and keeping things clean.

Most home owners choose stainless steel or enamel over cast iron, with materials such as ceramic and marble costing a little more. Faucets now come in contemporary forms that have a minimalist and clean look for all kitchen styles.

Textiles - Tea towels, oven mitts and aprons are specifically kitchen essentials and can be chosen with colours or patterns to your personal taste. Kitchen blinds are also important for light control, privacy and as a decorative touch - try a roller blind for a country kitchen or a aluminium Venetian blind for sleek, modern designs.

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