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Roller blinds for all occasions

Hugely popular, roller blinds must surely be the most simple and convenient way of dressing a window. Their virtually limitless adaptability means they are capable of fitting into any scheme. Comprising of nothing more than a sheet of fabric connected to a tube, some may think them primitive or perhaps lacking in oomph! Not so.

Think of the fabric as what it quite literally is- a blank canvass. Available in a plethora of fabrics from natural white cotton for fans of the clean and minimal to sumptuous suede for even PVC the list is limited only by the extent of your imagination. From here frills, tassels or borders can be added for truly luxurious feel.

They can be bought patterned in styles from floral to urban to classic Edwardian. For the more adventurous and artistic, a plain fabric blind can provide the opportunity for a spot of DIY- if our homes are an extension of ourselves we should strive to make them as individual as we are, a pot of fabric paint coupled with a rainy afternoon and you are on your way!

On a more practical level, the adaptability of a roller blind means they can be quickly fitted to any sized window meaning you can maintain a cohesive feel to the décor throughout your home. This is also a big money saver as no professional help is necessary, with nothing more than a pair of scissors and a small hacksaw, anybody can create the perfect fit for their windows within minutes. For those who work at night or perhaps those who are less than keen to be woken too early on a lazy Sunday, blackout blinds will be a real help.


Very few features in a home give you complete control over the mood and atmosphere of your property, blackout blinds do exactly that. A candlelit meal for two could easily lose its intimacy if the sun is still blazing away late into the summer evenings- not so with blackout roller blinds . Their dense make-up means that they are capable of keeping out even the brightest of days without compromising the design.


Safety is obviously a paramount concern for anyone with pets or children. Heavy curtains tend to be an all to tempting opportunity for a spot of Jungle Jim style swinging for youngsters or worse- a scratch pad for mischievous kittens! Slatted blinds are easily damaged as are track blinds. Unlike curtains, a well fitted blind will sit flush with the surrounding wall meaning closing them will not mean risking knocking over vases or ornaments situated immediately in front of a window; and when they are open they are well out of the reach of little paws!


The Mr Fix-It of the world of home decoration, roller blinds are a modern and contemporary solution to any lonely or bare window, they promote creative thinking and allow homeowners complete control from the conceptual stage through to the perfectly fitted conclusion. They are affordable to all price ranges and easily managed, re-cut, re-hung, swapped or personalised. Whether creating a rustic retreat or a chic city loft roller blinds are a sensible yet exciting buy.


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