The inner child in us loves the thought of being rocked to sleep; swing beds for both the patio and bedroom are on-trend, as such I've discovered that these fabulous beds come in all styles. If you do want one just makes sure that it's firmly fixed to the ceiling otherwise your bedtime dreams could turn into a nightmare!

 Viral Mad

Commune with nature in this swing bed set amongst the trees.  

 Viral Mad

This may be a traditional hammock, which isn't truly a swing bed, but a peaceful afternoon siesta being rock by a warm breeze is just a little taste of paradise.

Bird cage design

This minimalistic swing bed looks stunning in grey.  

 Homes Planning

Robust metal chains hold this swing bed in place.  

Homes Dir

Built for purpose this swing bed is ideal for those who don't want to drill holes in the ceiling.  

Goods Home Design

A canopied outdoor swing bed is a great place to pass away a lazy Sunday.  

Dish Functional Designs

The ropes on this swing bed fit very nicely with the decorating motif.  


If you like chunky then this amazing swing bed is perfect for you.  

Floating Bed

This circular swing bed is a wonderful place to relax with friends – or why not hog the entire thing for yourself and stretch out!  


This chic little swing bed would work equally as well as a porch day-bed.  


We mustn't forget that our cats also love to curl-up and be gently rocked to sleep.  


This simple, yet stylised cradle is perfect for new borns.

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