Roaring interior design ideas for dino fans

12th June sees the release of Jurassic World. It's over a decade since the last Jurassic film, this one is meant to be more realistic, frightening and dare one say 'life-like'. Dinosaur fans will relish the opportunity to go into the Jurassic World, many will want to emulate the theme in their own homes. Large white triceratops garden model, with kids playing croquet on the grass


Add a triceratops to your garden to get the Jurassic World feel.

Themes are always a great idea in bedrooms. This one hits the mark for Jurassic enthusiasts. An orange T-Rex skull as the head of a bathroom shower, with water shooting out its mouth


Start the day with a ferocious shower! Wall decal of a number of different dinosaurs, on a blue wall

Ali Express

Bring the fright of 3D dinosaurs crashing through you wall with amazing wall decals. Dinosaur wall moral in a kids bedroom

Best of Interiors

Kids will love this wall-to-wall decal in their bedroom or playroom. Wallpaper of a misty forest in a bedroom with a cat on a white double bed

Yeah Mag

Create a tranquil Jurassic forest in a master bedroom. 3D T-rex popping out of a brown wall

B and J

A model of a dinosaur’s head makes a great wall trophy! Wall art of dinosaur skeleton illustrations, with a teepee style tent in a kids bedroom


Camping and dinosaur theme that's had a lot of thought put into it. It's posh, not tacky! Realistic wall decal of different dinosaurs in a jungle


This dinosaur themed kid's room is simply stylish. Ceramic prehistoric themed wall hooks for hanging keys

Cool Mom Picks

Add these cool dinosaur hooks to give your home a Jurassic feel. Gold dinosaur shaped plant pots with leafy plants sticking out of their backs

Kitkat Zhao

How cute are these dinosaur plant holders? The back of a dinosaur as a phone stand, in blue

Cool Mom Tech

All dinosaur fans should have this iPhone holder in their home or office. A white hollow plastic triceratops with white light inside

John Lewis

This table/desk lamp would be an ultra-cool addition to any dinosaur themed room.

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