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Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

When redecorating your home it is essential to get the fine details right. Ornaments and decoration can really make or break a scheme, and this is never truer than in the case of mirrors. Quite often a low quality mirror is hung as an after thought once decorating is complete, which can leave something lacking from the fresh new look you originally hoped for. Mirrors do not just reflect the world around them, they also reflect your tastes and home choices, therefore it is imperative that you take the time to choose the right one for you.

If it is high drama and elegance you want for your home, nothing does it better than a mirror with a classical ornate frame full of all of the typical imagery from the Neo Baroque period such plants, leaves and fruit. However choosing your mirror is only half of the battle, the real art is in the positioning and arranging of proper lighting. A well positioned and lit mirror can bring lightness and life to even the darkest of spaces, it can add a sense of space and calm the smallest of rooms and it can become a feature that is hard to compete with for any other type of home decoration.

Having been involved in the retail of mirrors for a number of years I am truly convinced that dull small rooms can become bright, airy and spacious for a minimal expenditure.

The best place for a mirror is on a wall perpendicular to a window. This can adds vast improvement to a room by not only reflecting lots of natural light but also by adding a feeling by bringing the view of the outdoors into your room.

In terms of lighting, a direct source of lighting overhead is best. If you can’t find spotlights that are in keeping with the style of your mirror, instead look for French style ornate wall lamps complete with miniature shades and jewels hanging from the fittings. The mirror will double the strength of your lighting whilst the light will pick out the detailing of the frame beautifully. If you don’t want to install a permanent fixture, instead settle a similarly styled table lamp upon a tall telephone table directly underneath the mirror- adding a seat and a telephone will create a lovely area to chat.

Remember, a large ornate mirror automatically draws attention to itself and therefore the area around it so it is important to coordinate effectively. Patterned wallpaper from an apt period in time can really spice things up whilst remaining relevant to the mirror. You might also want to think about framing the area with some extra long curtains which should be hung from a gold curtain pole and allowed to crumple naturally on the floor for glamorous effect.  If you are using the mirror as a stylish piece of juxtaposition in an otherwise minimal setting, you should paint the feature wall behind the mirror in as a dark a shade as you are brave enough to go for- an all black or plum wall will look amazing set against the gold of the frame.

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