What better way to reflect your style flair than an interior which reflects healthy living. But was is healthy living? The ideas are different as the people behind them. One person's idea for healthy living styles may be completely different from another's and that the beauty of interior design, you can have any style and colour scheme you like and makes you feel good – surely that has to be healthy! Yet, it is this inspiration that baffle many people, and of course why interior designers exist! They're the people who have all the great ideas which you can then emulate or take snippets of their ideas and bring them into your home. This can also be a very cost effective way of sprucing up your living space as you don't necessarily have to redecorate entirely, you can change your window dressing and soft furnishings to bring a whole new look to your home over a weekend. With fabric warehouse stores online you can select soft neutral colours or perky fun and fruity colours to pep up your living room or dining room perfectly by adding new cushions for sofas and chairs along with curtain fabrics to brighten your windows. It's the smallest details which can turn a room from the ordinary and give it the 'wow' factor! Don't forget to add different textures to bring contrast and tactility into your rooms. Fabrics which give you the feel good factor such as plush velvet to run your hands over or sensuous silks and satins in the bedroom to give your bedroom a new look and feel! Healthy living is all about getting rid of the stress in your lifestyle, relaxing and detoxing, making spring the ideal season to quite literally spring clean your home and the way you live. It can also be a great way to save money as healthy living is also associated with reducing your carbon footprint by keeping a watchful eye on the amount of energy you use and recycling. Adopt the up-cycling trend and get your sewing machine out to make your own Roman blinds from recycled curtain fabrics, this will not also give your home a new look it will also give you the feel good factor! Not very handy with a sewing machine or needle and thread? No worries, there are some very inexpensive ready made curtains and blinds available online, so you could save energy by not taking your car out and driving round to find the right fabric colour or style – cheating? - possibly, economical way to shop? - definitely!