In the past it was the kitchen that was the hub of most homes, purely because that was where family members gathered to eat their food and mull over the happenings of the day. Today the living room is the main hub of the modern family home, this being partly due to the fact that many families spend a considerable amount of their relaxation time watching the television. Reflecting your interior design style throughout your home is important, especially in the living room as this is where you will spend most of your evenings either as a family watching television or simply relaxing with friends. The style of your furniture, the colour scheme and the furnishings should all reflect the personalities of those who share the room, and whilst it is typically the parents who choose these things for family living spaces they also need to be family friendly! As many parents with young children will know sometimes having their possessions on show is not always viable or practical, especially if you don't want them to become damaged or broken. Neutral colours are ideal for a living room to provide a relaxed and informal look. Accent colours as we know, play a huge part in determining the overall look and style of the room. However, sticking to neutral base colours is a great idea, it is also a cost effective way of being able to update your home when budgets may be tight. Wooden curtain poles are the perfect solution for hanging ready made curtains as they blend effortlessly with all colour schemes. In fact professional interior designers advise people to use the natural beauty of wood if they have problems coordinating their colour schemes effectively. Even if you have a bay window you can now easily find bay window curtain poles in a variety of different coloured natural woods. There are a number of different versions and styles along with curtain pole rings which enable the curtains to be pulled over the splicing or joining pieces at the corners of the bay window. Although the trend to have a combination of blinds and curtains at windows caution should be taken if you have young children as to the type of pull system the blinds have, the easiest option is to select blinds which have wand operating handles rather than pull cords, which could potentially be a hazard. Making your living room family friendly is extremely important and whilst you may not wish to hide all your belongings away until the children are old enough not to be inquisitive and touch, it is also important to remember that in order for a relaxed family environment you will have to do think one step ahead deciding your colour scheme and where you place your most precious objects!