Red interior design ideas & tips

Red is a colour that invokes much emotion. It is filled with intensity and really draws the eye. This is primarily the reason it is used in warning signs and in traffic signals - after all, they need to catch your attention immediately. Due to this, the colour red serves a similar purpose in interior design - It will become the centre of attention and force people to pay attention to it.

This can be good or bad, depending on how it is used. If you want to learn how to use the different hues well however, simply follow these red interior design ideas and tips.

The first and possibly most important tip to using red is, respect the colour! This means you need to understand the power it has and make sure you are using it properly. Bright vibrant 'in your face' reds are fantastic when used well, but used incorrectly can appear cheap and in bad taste.

Perhaps the easiest to pull off red is terracotta, an orange-brown-red which is often used in floor tiles. Terracotta has been used for thousands of years as a material for sculpture, pottery and in interior design. Everything from terracotta bricks to terracotta roof tiles are produced, even to this day. One of the most frequent uses for it however is in flooring tiles, typically used in kitchens. With its orange-brown-red colouring it is a very warming and inviting shade.

It is subdued enough to not be as overpowering as say scarlet, yet has that natural warmth and glow that most reds have. This natural reddish colouring makes for the perfect visuals in your kitchen, which is naturally a place of warmth and homeliness. If you are trying for a more relaxed and natural look, then you may wish to keep the number of red items down to a minimum.

This is especially true if they are not subdued hues, otherwise they may overwhelm the feel of the room. If you are going to use red at all, you need to be careful with its placement, especially if you are using the brighter more eye catching hues.

You would not want to use cardinal red curtains for example if you have a terrible view outside your windows! It will draw the eye to that view, which is the last thing you want. However, if you do have great views outside, then maybe some deep orange-red voile panels or kitchen blinds are exactly what you need - it all depends on the room itself.

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