Re-Vamping Your Living Space - Update Your Window Dressing

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

It is often the case, that when re-vamping your living space, the first things that are given attention are colours - a new lick of paint for example. If it isn't a change in colour it is the purchase of a new item of furniture or perhaps a new set of bedding. Why is it that the window dressing is always left until last? You will be amazed at how a few simple changes to your window dressing can give an entire room a new lease of life!

You can't use choice as an excuse any more either - there are literally hundreds of designs, patterns, fabrics and colours to choose from. As an added bonus to updating the window dressings, you will realise just how much can be done on a budget. So let us give some useful advice on treating existing window arrangements and giving them a well-deserved makeover.

Drapes, curtains, blinds, shades and combinations of curtains and blinds - there is plenty of room to play around and come up with something personal and unique.

What Window Treatments Are Available?

Many! There was a brief time when blinds overtook curtains in the popularity stakes - especially in modern and minimalist interiors. Everyone got bored of curtains, that is until they experimented with new ways to apply them - curtain valances and swags brought back a revival of curtains and curtain trends.

When you really think about curtains - they can be used for functionality, decorative and they even provide a few tricks such as making a window appear larger and a room more illuminated. If you want to make a room look not only larger but higher too - choose ready made curtains with vertical stripes. Layering curtains or combining them with blinds is becoming a very popular and contemporary way to dress a window.

Not only to the advantage of looking marvellous - but the functionality of light control. For example, a sheer voile curtains behind a heavier or black out curtains will let in a muted light when the outer curtains are drawn. Close both and you have blocked out virtually all light and have provided privacy for the room making this style of window dressing ideal for bedrooms and all windows of city dwellers.

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