Re-Vamping Your Living Space - Opt For Luxury and Grandeur

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

A show of hands please from those who would love some luxury and grandeur brought into their interior design? Good - then let us take a look at some foolproof ways to re-vamping your living space and learning how to show its best side! There are literally thousands of ideas for luxury living and not all of them have to come at a high cost either. If you want a complete change or just a few added highlights - you should find something useful in this feature on opting for luxury and grandeur in the home.

What defines luxury bedding and décor? It could be an item that is a one of a kind - handmade with no exact replica, or an item that is becoming extremely rare to buy. A luxury item could be an antique purchase or it could have been made with expensive materials such as diamonds or gold. High quality curtain fabrics such as some silk varieties or materials such as cashmere and woods such as curly maple or sandalwood.

An item may have an exceptional design or is slightly excessive in size. The designer of a certain piece may make it a luxury to have - even more so if you chose a custom made addition to your home. Sometimes luxury comes from designs of the past - an 19th century wardrobe or dresser, a vase that ceased production in the early 20th century. You might be lucky enough to have had an item or items passed down from within the family. You could attend antique shows or even markets to try your luck at finding something grandeur for your home.

At the end of the day, unless you are extremely lucky or wealthy - getting your hands on a luxury item on a budget is near impossible. Don't despair though! We do have some tricks and ideas to bringing grandeur into the home and living a life of luxury on a modest wage! There might be an item that you really fall in love with and can't go without - just make sure that if you are going to part with hard earned money, then it is on a piece that will gain value in the long run and be a good investment.

Use hardwood flooring, stone tiles or wool carpets instead of linoleum or laminate wood. You might be able to perk up old floorboards with a new stain and varnish. Like your choice of flooring, fabrics can create a luxurious feel without costing a fortune. Treat yourself to some super king size bedding in natural fibres such as linen or silk. Super size bedding is excess - which in turn can stand for luxury and grandeur.

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