Re-Vamping Your Living Space - Create A Feature Wall

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

You can re-vamp a living space easily by creating a feature wall and there are various approaches you can take. The purpose of this article is to show you some of the different ways in which you can create a feature wall and inject some excitement back into your home. Go on - a change will do you good! Create A Feature Wall with Artwork or Photography Using artwork or photography can be one of the best ways to personalise a room and give it a touch of your own personality or evoke emotions and memories.

For example, if you were to take one wall in the lounge or dining room and decorate it with photographs of you, your family and/or friends, it will make a room more homely and unique. Dedicate the entire wall and try to create some contrast by using both coloured prints and monochrome. Mix and match black and white frames with the odd coloured frame to really give some depth and creativity. For more interest, apply frames that are slightly out of line from one another. You might also consider putting up some simple shelving and placing some family heirlooms onto it. Coordinate patterns used in ready made curtains for a balanced and cohesive look.

Create A Feature Wall By Choosing A Theme If your room appears bland at present - with no motion towards a particular theme, then you could create a themed feature wall. Some ideas might include a Disney theme in a child's bedroom where you could use childrens curtain fabric to complete the look. For example, perhaps you have a fancy for everything to do with the ocean. Take a colour for your feature wall that ties in with the ocean such as a blue/green and then add details with framed pictures of starfish or a black and white print of the moon and its reflection on the ocean.

You might go as far as having your very own fish tank or some wall stencils in the shape of seahorses. Create A Feature Wall By Using Fabrics Using bold paint or patterned wallpaper can be great to liven up your feature wall - but you do have other options. You could use fabric on your walls if you wanted something really different. Either cover the entire wall in fabric panelling or choose a selection of appealing designs from a fabric warehouse and use them to make fabric panels. This works similar to a painting or photograph, only it adds layers of texture to a wall and you can really let your creative minds run away with you!

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