Radiant orchid: with pops of other colour – be adventurous!

With a strong hue as vibrant and energetic as Radiant Orchid, it isn’t always necessary to use it in any volume to create effective interior solutions, as a little goes a long way; but if just accessorising alone with this colour doesn’t seem exciting or interesting enough for you, then consider pairing Radiant Orchid with other bold colours to create a fun and fresh look to your interiors.

Combine that too with the season’s trend for mixing and miss-matching colour, pattern and texture and you’ll be sure to create some inspiring and interesting schemes.


In this living room, for example, white walls, beige drapes, and a cream couch look fantastic when paired with the vivid yellow and orchid cushions and side stools. The whole scheme is then pulled together by the two impressive chairs in the foreground which incorporate both colours as well as a bold an eye catching geometric.


 Here is another example of it used against yellow but in a more muted, gold tone and although this purplish shade of Radiant Orchid is used in a considerable volume on the sofa, it is balanced and calmed by the muted yellows and beige of the patterned paper and fabrics. This is also another good example of how easily a colour scheme can be changed, remove the sofa and replace it with a black or green one for example and the room will take on a completely different character and colour scheme.


Red works surprisingly well against purple hues and Radiant Orchid is no exception. This interior scheme incorporates most of the season’s key trends, such as Radiant Orchid of course, and the geometric in the curtains, the pastel shade in the occasional furniture, the pop of colour provided by the red sofas and the textured rug. A miss-matching of textures, colours and patterns is very in vogue and this demonstrates perfectly how to do all that and incorporate Radiant Orchid as well.


And here’s another example of Radiant Orchid used with pops of red in this eclectic living room, which again incorporates more or less every aspect of the season's trends. Pantone Radiant Orchid painted fireplace, pops of colour from the red chairs, geometrics in the chevron curtains and spot wall art and texture in the furry pouffe - it's got it all.  Here an essentially monotone vignette arrangement, with the potential to look a little bland, is given a lively kick with the addition of some deeper tones of orchid and some welcome splashes of turquoise and blue in the accessories.

Additional interest is added with the geometric cushions to add texture and pattern too. This would work equally as well if you replaced the blue tones with red, yellow, chartreuse, lime green or orange accents for an alternative but fresh twist. The wall colour is Radiant Orchid from Valspar's Pantone Universe collection.  If you want to be more daring, then think about using it as a wall colour but with a good quantity of counterbalancing colours to stop the look from becoming overpowering. Here purple walls are teamed with white walls and a white sofa, but with a good measure of vibrant orange thrown in to the mix.

This gives the room a spicey almost Moroccan feel (very on-trend) and prevents it from becoming a two-tone block colour scheme. A mix of textures and patterns including patchwork and foliage also add to the feel. Not surprisingly, this is the home office of a colour expert - Lisa Teague.  This look is very bold and daring as quite an intense shade of Radiant Orchid has been used in fair volume. However, designer Skona Hem pairs it with vibrant shades of orange and vermillion to brighten this bold approach for a kitchen.  Finally, this shabby chic come vintage arrangement sees our seasonal colour paired with a vivid tone of last year’s shade - emerald green. Hmmm? I’ll leave that one down to personal preference and opinion I think???


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