Radiant orchid: the bold approach – dare to do orchid!

Pink is well known as a feminine shade, regardless of its tone or depth of hue; and purple as the colour of good judgement, well-being, royalty, confidence and even mysticism and purification.

The executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, Leatrice Eisman, accurately describes their gorgeous new Orchid tone in the following way.....


“An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”


......and Radiant Orchid in its raw, unadulterated, non-diluted form, as Pantone intended it, indeed packs quite a punch when it comes to interior decorating. So, if you’re amongst the colour cautious, not-so-bold interior decorators, then don’t overdue this colour in any volume. That said.......... here are some examples of how stunning it can look in block colour.
This daring approach with block colour Orchid, showcases the gold sofa beautifully and the colour combination is opulent, regal and sumptuous rather than garish. The gold adds regal warmth and in contrast the silver pieces add a touch of modernity, juxtaposed against the vintage prints and frames. A good colour scheme for a library, study or home office. This would also work well with yellow greens such as chartreuse, lime or olive.

 As you can see here. The block colour walls are bold and dominant but the green chairs balance the look and tame the intensity of the walls. The good source of natural light from the window further lifts the look to opulent rather than oppressive.

In complete contrast, this contemporary setting uses natural light, open spaces and a light floor and furmiture to create a wonderfuly creative and expansive effect which bathes two delightful shades of Orchid in a flood of natural daylight. The red accents in the light fittings and the touch of black in the wall art, punctuate the scheme to prevent it from becoming too monotone or bland.

 Block colour Orchid has been broken up here by the relief of the cream mouldings and the two tone scheme has then been adopted across the rest of the furniture and accessories. Darker orchid tones have been used to add rich accents and the light, neutral, sofas add a lightening and expansive effect. Seasonal on-trend items have been added too in the form of the chevron rug and the geometric two tone cushions; and although you don’t initially notice them as a major part of the scheme, the two large palms add a welcome flash of green, to energise the scheme with a pop of colour.

 Although the walls of this room are all out purple, they are in a muted, pastel tone of Radiant Orchid. This approach adds a flood of colour without the drama of the undiluted shade. The scatter cushions and the rug bring in measured amounts of the season’s tint and again, a welcome splash of green, this time in the form of chartreuse, adds energy and contrast to prevent colour overload.

 Radiant Orchid works well with an array of different colours, but undoubtedly looks stunning with black. Here the mantle stands out as a key piece against the unadulterated hue and just a trace of black is taken on to the walls with the delicate stencilling. The warm glow of the candlelight lifts the colour several tones to a romantic pitch beneath the fireplace and creates wonderful reflections on the Radiant Orchid painted floor. This could have been colour overload but careful accessorising with the right amount of black makes the look.

 Part of the appeal of Radiant Orchid is its versatility and ability to fit into a wide array of design styles. For instance, here it is used in two large segments of block colour against equal quantities of black in this contemporary bedroom. The balance of the block colours works perfectly to give the room impact without absorbing all the natural light. The eclectic mix of natural wood, Perspex, clean lines and even a touch of ornate plaster work in the mirror moulding, create an effective fusion of traditional and modern design styles.

 Paired with black furniture and a black floor for HGTV, this geometric wallpaper again brings key elements of the season together with Radiant Orchid in a very bold but super sophisticated and elegant way. The rest of the scheme would need to be kept simple, however, to avoid pattern overload. Plain block colour and a simple heading (visible through the mirror) have been used in the curtains which lift the orchid tones from the wallpaper and brighten the scheme.

 And yes I know that this isn’t an interior, but I just had to include it as it is a great example of being successfully bold with colour and it has me wondering where else we will be seeing this vibrant shade putting in an appearance this year – maybe we should all be taking more notice of our surroundings and their colour schemes for some spontaneous and unexpected inspiration????

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