Radiant orchid: as accents and accessories - it safe!

Colour palettes change regularly, but following a colour trend doesn't mean rushing out and replacing all your furniture or buying gallons of emulsion in the hottest hue and breaking out the paint roller!

Sometimes the marriage of more transient items with more permanent furnishings is the way to go when adding pops of a strong or trending colour. You can incorporate Radiant Orchid it in to your life without having to commit to purple paint. So if you’re not up for an all out Radiant Orchid makeover but want to bring your interiors up to date, then consider adding touches of our seasonal friend in the form of scatter cushions, wall art, vases and ornaments, or fresh flowers to simply acknowledge a nod towards the season’s colour trend. Let’s have a look.......

Purple rug in a modern kitchen, looking at fridge and cooker

Consider introducing key pieces such as a gorgeous Radiant Orchid area rug, for example. Impressive and noticeable, but so easily changed with seasons and trends.......

Purple abstract floral canvas in a white and cream living space

......or if you’d like to go more bold with the colour but don’t want to commit to it on your walls, then look for (or create) a beautiful piece of oversized wall art, or even a fabric panel incorporating the colour of the year.

White art studio with wooden desk and pink stool

Your whole house doesn’t have to go purple. A few strategically placed ‘colour-trend’ pieces can go a long way to modernising your space and bringing it up to date. Making use of fashionable slip covers for your dining chairs, for example, is both economical and effective. Or, casual furniture such as a simple stool picked out in the accent colour can work wonders. This image is a great example of how a little can go a long way when it comes to a bold or unique colour.

Large white and cream living and dining room, with subtle touches of purple on the dining table

The elegant drapes in this setting are in a muted and very subtle shade of lilac. A refreshing pop of colour is then added courtesy of the simple table accessories. They not only add a subtle but acknowledged touch of the season’s colour, but lift the muted tone of the curtains to create a harmoniously coordinated effect with a little punch of colour.

White living space with black and white rug, and similar artwork on the wall

And here a simple cushion, a piece of wall art and artefacts on the table add a punch of on-trend colour to this otherwise monotone and neutral scheme.

A light pink living room with matching sofa and long wooden coffee table

Here again, one simple throw cushion on the floor makes a statement and says we’re up to date with current trends but we’re not fashion victims. The clever touch of colour is subtle and in no way dictates the colour scheme or style of the room and works well against the other pops of orange grey and yellow in this eclectic setting.

Light sage green living room with cream sofa and green and cream zigzag striped rug

This serene sage and mint green setting is given the Radiant Orchid treatment to add a little warmth and depth to the scheme; and all it took was a throw and a few table accessories. So simple but so effective, if you want to keep abreast of colour schemes, but with little or no time or financial investment.

White alcove with an antique wooden dressing table adorned with two green glass lamps

And how clever is this? A Radiant Orchid artefact in the form of a Kimono is used as wall art to add a touch of the season’s colour. It not only adds a personal touch to the scheme, but makes a great colour contrast with the turquoise lamps too.

Purple arm chairs in a living room and similar desk chairs around a desk

Here an eclectic mix of items have been brought together to create an interesting interior scheme with accents of Radiant Orchid here and there. The chairs create a focal point with other accents of Orchid being picked up in the large area rug and the wall art. The combination of the hot pink and cool mint colours is delightful and well balanced and creates an air of sophistication and elegance.

This is a great example of how to add in a colour that you perhaps wouldn’t normally consider decorating with - and that is with flowers (preferably fresh of course). They can be used to add seasonal colour or to pull a colour scheme together. In this case, the flowers bring out the lush, sophisticated, deep plum-ish Orchid shade in the chairs to create harmony in the room.

White and grey bedroom with white, pink and purple bedding

Radiant Orchid can even do teenage chic. This neutral scheme has been given some playful energy by using radiant orchid as a border against crisp white bedding and a mix of geometric and spotty accessories. The look is young but glamorous and I love the striped ceiling which incorporates more Radiant Orchid into the scheme in a boldly clever, but none overpowering way. Very chic and lots of fun!

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