Radiant orchid: against a neutral base – keep it grounded

Radiant Orchid is a bold colour – it is bold in nature too – but if all out colour and going bold isn’t your style, then consider using Radiant Orchid with neutral tones to balance its boldness and avoid any unbearable colour overload.

Pair it with a good quantity of black, white (or black & white together), beige or grey for a grounded scheme, then inject whatever quantity of Radiant Orchid that you’re comfortable with. This could be anything from large key pieces such as furniture and curtains to large area rugs; all made softer and more subtle when paired with beige upholstered furniture, white-toned walls, or blacks or greys. For those who prefer to avoid going completely neutral, however, remember that Radiant Orchid is a truly versatile shade which can be partnered with many others so consider introducing and incorporating other key colours such as yellow, turquoise, red or blue shades into the space to add extra ‘pizazz’ whilst still remaining harmonious and grounded.

In this room set, the luxuriously upholstered chairs add drama and luxury to the black and white colour scheme and add a colourful focal point that draws the eye but doesn’t overpower the scheme. Just think how easily this whole room could be changed by adding pops of colour in the scatter cushions or by changing the chairs to create a completely different scheme altogether????

A similar approach has been used in this kitchen but this time with paint rather than furniture. The black and white kitchen is elegant and stylish to start with and the perfect neutral base to which to add any number of different colours, but in this case the season’s hottest shade has been used on one feature wall. This is yet another great example of seasonal decorating that is so easily and inexpensively changed, but is so effective. In this setting, even the colour cautious could live with a good splash of strong colour without fear of getting it wrong!

A volume of Radiant Orchid has been used here but on the ceiling rather than on the walls. The space is expansive and benefits from a good source of natural light. The strong colour on the ceiling therefore, far from making the space look small or oppressive, brings warmth and cosiness to a relatively sparse and uncluttered scheme. Clever touches of purple in the framed print and the table decorations pull the whole scheme together perfectly.

If the fearless and bold approach with Radiant Orchid still has you quaking at the thought of breaking out paint and roller, then this is a good example of how to employ this energetic and surprising hue in large doses without making a room appear dark or claustrophobic. Combining it with the most neutral base of all – white – keeps the look fresh and open. In this room the volume of colour from the sofas adds warmth and depth and the flood of natural light through the orchid & white fabric used for the blinds gives parts of the room a welcoming, pinkish glow.

The bold approach with statement stripes is unmistakable here, but again balancing the quantity of Radiant Orchid with equal volumes of white keep the look open, fresh end invigorating – perfect qualities for a bathroom.

Purple and pink tones never fail to work well alongside grey. This lovely hessian finish on the walls adds subtle texture so that the grey doesn’t look too flat, but the addition of a few pops of purple in the accessories and in the roman blinds and fresh orchids in the room beyond, lift his scheme and serve as proof that sometimes a spot of colour in some carefully selected accessories, is all that is needed to take a room from grey and drab to fun and fab!

This beautiful pale shade of grey benefits from the injection of colour provided by the large area rug. The geometric pattern incorporates touches of the wall colour so that the look is drawn together with the walls and the slightly deeper grey furniture. The rug and accessories not only provide texture, style and interest, but a focal point too, to what could otherwise have been a fairly bland arrangement.

Here wall art and a rug have been used to add colour to an otherwise neutral setting and to bring some warmth and interest. The rug also serves to separate the comfort of the sitting area from the dining area.

A completely neutral cream and grey scheme is punctuated with two simple Orchid accessories – the boudoir cushion and the upholstered bench. This is yet another great example of changeable seasonal decorating. Any number of accent colours could have been added to this bedroom collection, but Orchid brings it bang up to date for the season and blends so well with the mid grey tones.

This is an example of how you do feminine and romantic with a colour as strong as Radiant Orchid. This room is opulent, yet serene and elegant at the same time. The marriage of pastel tones of Orchid with equal quantities of beige works well. The wallpaper adds character without pattern overload and the darker tones in the cushions and throws give the scheme some depth and warmth. The beige flooring and bed keep the look open and expansive and the room benefits from a good light source from the French windows which only adds to the welcoming pinkish hue.

Radiant Orchid does Shabby Chic. Radiant Orchid truly is versatile in terms of style and colour matching. This shabby chic come vintage setting, marries this vibrant shade with old gold and antique hues. The radiance of the pink works beautifully with the almost khaki shades of gold and beige and the combination looks equally effective in plains, stripes and florals.

And here is Radiant Orchid’s versatility showing its classy side. Both these images show our new shade quite at home in period style homes. In the first image a dusky pink faux finish on the walls beautifully complements the interesting mix of purples, creams and golds and the punch of deep purples in the furnishings and accessories adds opulent depth and warmth. In the second, a luxurious deep orchid velvet sofa is paired with a pale orchid side chair. The style and shape of the furniture empathises with the feel of the room and mixing different tints of a colour in this way as well as playing with different shapes, styles and proportions of furniture can create effective, rewarding and authentic results.

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