Quirky motivating quotes for the home

Quirky motivating quotes for the home With the new year coming ever so closer we say good bye to 2013 and welcome 2014 with lots of good things in store. Whichever new year’s resolution you set yourself whether it’s to decorate your home, to be more adventurous or to start up your own business, a few encouraging quotes dotted across your home is sure to fill you with the ambition and get up and go to stick to your resolutions and see them through. Quotes for the home “Do more of what makes you happy” and surround your office wall space with motivational prints, photos and personal little notes to really keep yourself chirpy and things in perspective for you whichever goals you've set yourself to achieve. You could easily put them in frames of varied styles to compliment your office style and as a plus they’re easy to rearrange and move around when you feel like a bit of a change. Quote wall If you’re a dab hand with a paint brush then a pretty cool alternative to framed prints, you could hand write motivational phrases all across your wall space. You don’t necessarily have to stick to black you can experiment with any colour palette of your choice that compliments your rooms overall design well. Another pro point to giving this a try is that on occasions when you’re feeling a little daunted with your plans, spending too much time on the internet or are feeling anxious to email back that potential customer you can in still some positivity in yourself to get things done with the inspiring writing on the wall. Motivational pictures Another cool alternative to hammer and nails to hang up your prints and frames is to simply use colourful pattern Washi tape to place them wherever you’d like. Washi tape is basically a craft masking tape that you can find in any arts and craft stores so this makes it really easy for you to replace and rearrange your pictures as and when you’d like without leaving a hole in the wall. Heartfelt messages Last but not least to add that bit more of a personal touch to your home that is sure to inspire and motivate you a little differently to the prints shown before, then by adding photographs of family, friends and pets along with some heartfelt meanings is sure to add that family feeling to any part of your home. So how are you going to embrace positivity and really motivate yourself this coming New Year and what kinds of meaningful quotes really inspire you to see your new year’s resolutions through?

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