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Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

If your art no longer jumps out or speaks to you but you are finding trailing art shops for something new a fruitless task, you are not alone. The problem is, most of the great artists haven’t lifted a brush in over a hundred years and as a result, are becoming less and less relevant to us. Today the things we love and problems we face differ hugely from times passed. Powerful art needs to ring true; it needs to resonate with you on some level whether it is by commenting on your world in satirical sense, a humorous sense or an awe filled sense. Younger home owners especially, are beginning to feel increasingly alienated from the art world. Monet doesn’t speak to them. Picasso no longer speaks for them.

Though considered a menace to some, and no more than a vandal by others, urban artist Banksy is responsible for some of the most talked about pieces of art- by both the critics and the general public- for the last fifty years, making him arguably the most relevant and important artist working today.

His work has been famously daubed across some of London’s most famous landmarks, often causing uproar amongst traditionalists and lauding from the media. His work constantly shines a spotlight on the wrongs of society and the government. It is often done with such charm and intricate beauty that the serious meaning is not seen until one is looking a little too closely, whereupon the true meaning smacks you in the face.

Realising the potential Banksy’s work has as real statement pieces of art for homes of the culturally aware, lots of canny companies have now begun to sell canvases of his work and such prints are fast becoming the must have home accessory.

The distinctive stencilling technique used in all of Banksy’s wall art lends really does make for a very strong composition and will really add some punch to any contemporary space. The canvases themselves are stretched across a wooden frame and are therefore instantly hung, but a much bigger and fittingly satirical way to display them might be to find a huge ornate frame typical of Victorian and Edwardian periods in British style. Complete the look by choosing a bright colour for the frame and hang on a bare white wall. Maintain some balance by spreading the accent colour of the frame throughout the space through cushions, curtain fabric or perhaps a roller blind.

A long hallway will really feel the benefit of such a striking piece of art, as something to concentrate on, something enticing you down the hall, will distract from the narrow, tunnel-like shape of the space. In turn, the artwork will benefit from the hall as people will be forced to look at it for longer than they might if it was hung behind a settee.

Prints of Banky’s work come in many sizes and price ranges so if it is a huge statement piece above a modern sideboard you require or just a little toilet humour in the bathroom, you will definitely find something to suit.

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