Everyone wants the confidence in knowing that upon making their mattress investment they’re acquiring the best quality, grade and type of mattress to suit them. However it’s not always as easy as we think when it comes to finding the ideal purchase that will benefit us long term.    

Understand types, grades and quality

Understanding the different mattress types, grades and quality isn’t quite as complicated as it may seem.  When it comes to mattress types there are a variety of specially manufactured mattresses on the market, all with their own unique qualities and features to aid different sleepers. There are types available such as:
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Open spring mattress
  • Pocket spring mattress
Moving onto mattress grades, these focus around the overall feel and comfort level of the mattress you’re buying. Each grade such as firm, medium and soft suits different sleeper’s preferences as well as bodily needs such as support for back pain, aches and other conditions such as fibromyalgia and more. Below is a list of the different grades of mattress to help you easily recognise which you may be looking for.
  • Grade one : Very firm (Orthopedic)
  • Grade two : Firm
  • Grade three : Medium firm
  • Grade four : Medium
  • Grade five : Medium soft
Last but not least we’ll cover mattress quality.  Now confirming the overall quality of a mattress will be linked to different factors of the product and purchase such as material, brand manufacture and pricing. It’s easy for many of us when searching for a mattress to spend more on our bed purchase aiming to then find a cost effective mattress to place with it. However lower priced mattresses don’t always guarantee you’re investing in a long lasting good quality comfortable mattress. Factors such as the materials the mattress is made from and the brand manufacturer who produced it all play a part in confirming a mattresses quality. Today many people hold a lot of confidence in a number of mattress manufacturers, placing their products in a range of bed specialist shops across the UK. It’s the guarantees that these manufacturers offer such as confirmation your mattress will last a set number of year, after sales help and detailing the quality materials incorporated into the mattress that reassure you in making the right purchase. You can also look to online customers reviews and experiences they have had with a bed product you have in mind for extra reassurance.

How to rate your mattress

Now to get you on the road to rating your own mattress here are some questions to ask yourself when conducting your mattress analysis. It’s also best to take these questions along to your nearest mattress show room to try before you buy.
  • What kind of support does it give your body?
  • How does it feel when you try different sleeping positions?
  • Is the bed height ideal?
  • What type of materials is the mattress made of?
Is there a guarantee offered?